Thursday, March 12, 2020: Dad is up by 5:20 am, picked up Cian from his Mom's, then they napped until 7:45 am, breakfast of champions and playing toy soldiers. Dad drops Cian off at school 8:30 am, then returns to the Air BnB concerned about world events, seeing restrictions go into place, and realizing they need to leave to remote areas. Seeing clients having to cancel and postpone their events, doing web development, and offered a 10 week Archaeological survey in Ohio, Handyman job in Colorado, or escape to Arizona or a combination of them all. Need of a travelling nanny if Cian's school is cancelled. Trade of school time off for time in summer. After picking Cian up from school, they head off to use their AMC A-List pass to see "Bloodshot". (4 stars out of 5) Accidental lockout of Air BnB room. Cian lost his bottom tooth. Coordination and kid exchange. Late evening notice "School will be cancelled from March 16th until April 24th. Run Time: 5 min, 07 sec. Soundtrack: Keep it Running by Tauese Tofa. Visit the tale at: Videoblog created for King Cian as an archive of adventures with Dad. Published on Magisto, Wordpress, and Youtube. #magisto